How to find and use Fireworks in Fortnite Season 7 Challenge Event

With the ongoing Fortnite 14 Days of challenges and events, your holidays must have been spectacular. Now with week four of the challenge series, Fortnite developers have introduced new snow-covered areas for giving a winter theme in the game.

As previously players got a chance to participate in various challenges like goose nest or giant cane candy and also got a chance to use the deadly Infinity Blade which was so OP that it had to be nerfed down.

As in the ongoing series of 14 days of Fortnite, players are exploring new locations and places in the map to complete daily challenges to receive a new one time reward every day. If you have played previous events, then you may have some understanding of what to do and how to get those challenges accomplished.

You will feel the vibe of New Year in the game as various locations on the map are beautifully decorated, and all the decorations are accosted with completing your daily challenge.

The latest challenge for Fortnite players in the challenge series is to search for Fireworks in various locations on the map, and you have to launch them in order to complete your task. If you are successful in finding and launching three Fireworks in a match, then you will be awarded five battle stars.

If you are unable to find the fireworks while playing, then you can refer to the locations mentioned below to collect those fireworks and complete your task.

  1. While heading west of Wailing Woods, you can find firework next to the house on the cliff close to a rock structure.
  2. You can find a rocket at the block or previously known as Risky Reels. You will have to head to a house at the north from this location to find the firework rocket.
  3. For the third firework, you have to head for the south of Paradise Palms. Alongside the river edge a small house on the left of the river bank and look for an RV beside a small shack where you will receive the firework.

 It is up to you that when you want to launch the fireworks. You can launch it right after you find it or you can launch all three at the same time. But the most important thing to remember while participating in the task is that if once any of the fireworks are launched, then you cannot use them again nor by you or any other player.

So try to reach for each location as soon as possible to collect all three of the fireworks. If you are successful in launching three fireworks, then an excellent reward of five battle stars will be gifted to you, which could potentially increase your battle pass.  You can parachute first to the paradise palms to collect the fireworks and then run for the other two locations as they both are nearby to each other, but the paradise palms are far away. Hopefully, you will find all the three fireworks and will be able to complete this exciting task and have a blast.

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