How to Download Personal Data From Apple

It is a fact regarding modern life that tech-savvy Facebook  may collect your personal data. A recent privacy site from Apple will make visible the information Apple has received about you and ways to correct it. If you really want to know about what Apple is having about you, you just need to go through Apple’s privacy website. This year embarks a new privacy policy that has been launched by Apple, and it makes it easier to download everything Apple has kept. Here are some simple steps through which you can download and delete whatever you want to as per your convenience. You are free to delete everything in case you are moving to some other company. It was initially available in Europe to adhere to the European Union’s new GDPR privacy law. It is now available in the US too. You can now get a copy of your Apple Store activity, iCloud Photos, Notes, etc.

 Here is shown how to download the personal cache of Apple data-

  1. Head Over to the Privacy Portal.
  2. Input your Apple ID.
  3. You will get a two-factor authentication code that you require to operate as well.
  4. You will now see an option for obtaining a copy of your data.
  5. Now there will be options regarding data you will like to receive.
  6. Simply enter Select All for grabbing all of it.
  7. Apple has always been diligent in its actions so now you need to answer a couple of additional questions for verifying your identity.
  8. Now you will be sent an a.Zip file through email.
  9. It may take a few days or perhaps a week for Apple to collect your data and send you an email.

Do not get much excited about it because it is not going to be a big reveal. And it is not a bad thing. Apple is known for keeping a slim amount of data so your file may be of a few megabytes. Apple is constantly announcing itself as a trustworthy and transparent tech giant. It is a great thing to see such transparency with the name of Apple.

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