How to Disable “These files might be harmful to your computer”

The warning messages have been developed in both Windows Vista and Windows 10. Sometimes, this message gets annoying. If you want to disable “These files might be harmful to your computer,” then go through instructions mentioned below.

Here’s how to disable “These files might be harmful to your computer.”

·       Check the IP Address

1.    Go to the Run software.

2.    You need to right-click on the Start option.

3.    The additional way to complete this procedure is by clicking on the Windows and R keys together on the system.

4.    Enter “cmd” in the given box.

5.    Click on the Enter option.

6.    Otherwise, press on the OK option.

7.    It will launch the Command Prompt.

8.    To check the IP address, enter the “ipconfig” when you are in the Command Prompt.

9.    Press on the Enter option.

10.  It will display the connection details with “IPv4 Address” given near the end of the display.

11.    Enter the IP address.

·       Customize Internet Settings

1.    Go to the Control Panel option.

2.    For opening it, you need to launch the File Explorer.

3.    Enter the Control Panel in the search bar.

4.    Now you will get the suggestions from the Control Panel, choose it by pressing on it.

5.    By going to the Control Panel, check if you get the Category view option on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

6.    In case you are, choose the Network and Internet option.

7.    After that, go to the Internet Options.

8.    In case you have changed the View by option into Large icons, then Internet Options is easy to use.

9.     You need to choose from the General option to the security option.

10.   Start changing the security settings for sites for any particular area of the network.

11.   Press on the Local intranet.

12.   You don’t have to change any options on this window.

13.   Press on the Advanced option.

14.   Now, you will get the Local intranet menu on the screen.

15.   Type the sites for adding to the Local intranet zone.

16.   Enter the IP address.

17.   Press on the Add option for adding the site to the zone.

18.   Press on the Close option for closing this menu.

19.   Press on the OK option on the Local intranet and internet properties options.

20.   Start saving the changes you have done.

·       Change the User Account Controls

1.    Go to the Control Panel.

2.    You want to get the User Accounts inside the Control Panel.

3.    In case you use the Category view option, then you have to type the User Accounts again.

4.    Press on the Change User Account Control settings option.

5.    Go down to stop the warning message from User Account Control.

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