How to disable Google SafeSearch

Google SafeSearch is an advanced tool that filters and removes out the explicit content from the search results. This is an excellent feature for parental control. The feature works on both mobile and desktop platforms. However, if you want, then you can turn off SafeSearch on your device. Here is how to turn off Google Safe on iOS, Android or Windows device.

How to turn off SafeSearch on your iPhone

1.    Open the ‘Google’ app on your iPhone.

2.    Tap the ‘Settings’ symbol at the top-left corner. Or first, tap the ‘Google’ logo near the bottom of the screen > ‘Settings’ icon.

3.    Scroll down to the ‘Privacy’ section.

4.    And tap on ‘Search settings.’

5.    Tap and mark the circle of ‘Show most relevant results’ at the top to disable SafeSearch.

6.    Scroll down and tap the ‘Save’ button to save the changes.

7.    On the Settings screen, tap ‘Done’ on the top.

8.    Go back to the search screen.

9.    And perform a search.

If still, you’re not seeing the explicit content, then maybe it is blocked for your region or ISP. Try to use a proxy or VPN to view blocked contents.

How to turn off SafeSearch on your Android

1.    Open the ‘Google’ app on your Android.

2.    Open ‘Menu’ from the bottom.

3.    Select ‘Settings’ from the menu.

4.    Go to middle and select ‘Accounts & Privacy.’

5.    Look for the ‘SafeSearch filter’ switch.

6.    Turn the ‘SafeSearch filter’ switch off. “Blue” means on, and “Grey” means off.

7.    Save settings.

8.    Go back to the homepage.

9.    Click on the ‘Search’ icon at the bottom.

10.    And perform a search.

How to turn off SafeSearch on desktop

Cookies should be enabled in your browser to save the settings and changes when you exit.

1.    Go to ‘Google Preferences’ ( page.

2.    Look for the ‘Turn on SafeSearch’ checkbox.

3.    Click and uncheck the box of ‘Turn on SafeSearch.’

4.    Provide your password, if prompted.

5.    Go to the middle of the page and view “Use private results.”

6.    Click and check the circle of ‘Use private results.’

7.    Go to the bottom and click on the ‘Save’ button.

This will save your settings and take you back to the search page, perform a search to check. If you see the different or explicit results, then SafeSearch is disabled successfully.

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