Best Mindfulness and Meditation Apps Available in the Apple App Store

We often resort to blaming technology for stealing our peace of mind and adding to the stresses of the current lifestyle. However, like any other powerful entity, technology affects users by the manner in which they use it. Thus, technology can also be exploited to attain a sense of peace and welcome relaxation in your lives.

Lately, yoga and mindfulness have become the focus of attention for those hoping to improve their mental health conditions. Thus,many apps that offers guidance on the subject right from the beginner’s level.Some apps even come with daily reminders that allow users to incorporate meditation and mindfulness in their daily routine.

Here are some of the best mindfulness and meditation apps that are available in the store to treat yourself when you are having a mental health vacation.


Meditation is composed of multiple components and techniques that need to be practiced at various times of the day depending on your state and surroundings. Thus, Buddhify brings a collection of over 80 meditation techniques that are classified according to the person’s mental state,location, and environment. You can choose from meditation while travelling, or use meditation to fall asleep or to beat stress. Apart from these specific needs, regular meditation is also available as ‘Just Meditation.’

The app is available in the Apple Store.

Smiling Mind

The Smiling Mind is developed by a not-for-profit Australian due to which the entire app is available free of cost. The app follows a curriculum for mindfulness and meditation, most of which targets young kids and teenagers. The entire course is split into age groups of 7 to 9, 10 to 12, 13 to 15, 16 to 18, and adults. Thus, the app is a great stepping stone for young ones who are exploring meditation and mindfulness.

The app is also rather useful for the adults as well since it has 42 sessions from basic meditation to expert level mindfulness that allows users to tackle problems such as insomnia and relationship issues. Users can select courses according to their preference and track their progress through the journey as displayed on the app’s dashboard.

The Mindfulness App

The Mindfulness App is yet another free yet effective application with an option for premium subscription by users. The free version offers an introduction to guided meditation and the basics of mindfulness.Users can customize their sessions and set timed meditation duration. For a$59.99 annual subscription, the premium version of the app unlocks over 200 guided meditation sessions of varying lengths and categorized as per the theme. Snippets of information pertaining to each style of meditation are also available at the end of the session, which sheds light on how it helps. Both free and premium members are introduced to a range of soothing audio such as falling rain or babbling stream, which can be played in the background as users meditate.

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