6 Apps to Help Children Struggling With ADHD

Have you ever wondered why some kids in school are focused, and some are always interrupting, daydreaming, creating a nuisance and disturbing others? They are not doing it knowingly; they have a mental disorder, namely, ADHD. Thank the increased awareness about mental health disorders. There is nothing better than realizing that there are some mental disorders that interrupt with our day to day life activities, our functioning in schools and colleges, difficulty in maintaining social relations and ultimately our long term goals.

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder that causes hyperactive and impulsive behavior. People struggling with ADHD can face trouble while focusing on a single task. They can’t sit still for long durations. It is not restricted to children only. Adults suffer from this issue as well. Thankfully some apps can help children with ADHD. Use them to get ahead with day to day challenges.

  • Homey Chores and Allowance

Providing them some of the chores can help them in boosting up their organization skills and self-esteem. Keeping a proper track of household tasks can be a little difficult for kids who are already facing an issue with attention. Use this app for setting up weekly, daily or even monthly tasks for the entire family. It comes up with the syncing capability across various devices. Users can ever link up bank accounts of their family members. Enjoy money transfer with this app as an added advantage.

  • Rooster Money

Finding unorganized money management in children with ADHD is common. Use this app for teaching them about finances. This app can permit the kids along with the parents to monitor pocket money. Users may create consistent allowance payments for checking their children’s money. They can even subtract if they have given any paper money to their kids. They can also set up financial goals for purchasing something of their choice.

  • Stop, Breathe and Think Kids

Mindfulness is always a great tool that can help the kids in managing their scattered focus. Users will get almost 15 free of cost mindfulness activities. Tell your kids to check in with the app to know about their feelings. An event can be chosen based on such a sense. For a peaceful mind, kids will be told to envisage something relaxing or merely pay attention to their current feeling. Look for some more meditation apps.

  • The Sims FreePlay

Use this app for making your practice skills that are required in real life. With this app, kids can set up a compelling personality and some choices. It would have regular requirements such as sleeping, eating, bodily hygiene, and some human communications. Children need to direct that character to meet up their daily needs.

  • Conversation Planner

People struggling with ADHD can find it difficult to follow up on the conversation. This app can help out the kids. It is a fantastic app that prepares your kids so that they can cooperate well amidst different personalities. It is equipped with more than a hundred social skills scenarios that are scattered to further levels.

  • Eye to Eye- Empower Different Learners

This application was set up to make the kids work on different activities known as quests. Every single quest can help the kids in understanding their challenges and strengths better. Kids can even create their particular strategies for success. Kids get an advocacy plan once they are done with the quests. Teens can become self-advocate and self-satisfied in life and academics. It is miraculous that people have now started recognizing these mental disorders. Use these apps to get over with basic interruptions.

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